Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Frequently Asked Questions regarding how to register with Checklick.


Can I still register my child by emailing or mailing a form to HSC? 

No. The Checklick on-line registration program replaces the old method of filling out a paper registration form. 


Can I pay my child’s fees with a cheque, Interac transfer or cash? 

No. Payment using the Checklick in-line registration system can only be made with a credit card. 


How do I register my child if I am applying through KidSport or P.R.O. Kids? 

Contact Andrea at for information on how to do this. 


Can I reserve a single week for my child in a CANSail program? 

No. The CANSail 1 through 6 programs are two-weeks in length. The first week of each session contains essential new learning, and the second week builds on that learning with practice. Additionally, our hard-working coaches are paid for each two-week session they work. Therefore, Checklick only allows registration for full two-week sessions. 


Whoops! I picked the wrong session by mistake What do I do now? 

Mistakes can happen. Email Andrea at, with your sailor’s name, the session date you selected by mistake, and the actual session date you are looking for. If there is space available, she will confirm the change. 


What is HSC's cancellation policy? 

Program fees paid at the time of registration will be subject to a refund charge in the event you choose to cancel your sailor’s session(s). See our Refund Policy for more details.


What if I have a question not listed here? 

Email Andrea at  Starting July 11th you may also call the HSC office at 902-857-9771.