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About HSC

Hubbards Sailing Club continues to grow every year. More than 180 junior sailors participated in our summer programming in 2021.

Our coaches are primarily university and senior high school students who have participated in our junior sailing program. This facilitates continuity in our programs through a progressive migration from the junior sailing program to a coaching position. 

The goal of our club is to provide affordable and accessible youth recreational sailing and youth leadership development.


Profile of Ben Edwards, Head Coach

Ben Edwards

Head Coach

Profile of Will MacKay, 5/6 Opti Race Coach

Will MacKay

5/6 Opti Race

Profile of David Frost, 5/6 420 Race Coach

David Frost

5/6 420 Race

Profile of Josh Edwards, 3/4 Opti Coach

Josh Edwards

Laser Race Coach

James Marchand

James Marchand

3/4 420 Coach

Profile of Jenna Flemming, 1/2 Opti Coach

Jenna Flemming

3/4 Opti Coach

Profile of Owen Flemming, Wet Feet Coach

Owen Flemming

3/4 Opti Coach

Profile of Robbie Horne, 1/2 RAD Coach

Robbie Horne

1/2 RAD Coach

Profile of Zach Sutherland, 1/2 Opti Coach

Zach Sutherland

1/2 Opti Coach

Profile of Maria Fitzgerald, Wet Feet Coach

Maria Fitzgerald

1/2 Opti Coach

Rebecca Fenner

Rebecca Fenner

Wet Feet Coach

Jessica Doane

Jessica Doane

Wet Feet Coach

2021 - 2022 Board of Directors

Bill Doane


John Flemming

Vice Commodore & Facility Director

Patrick Edwards


Sarah Hare


Sarah Doane

Learn to Sail Director

Stephen Fitzgerald

Fleet Director

Christine Gentleman

Member at Large

Kaleigh Lang

Member at Large

Steve Emberly

Member at Large


Jack Flemming

Fundraising Chair


Membership Chair

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