Refund Policy

Our online registration system has implemented a new refund charge this year. Unfortunately, HSC is not in the position to absorb this expense, nor do we feel it should be passed on to the whole by way of increased administrative fees. As such any refund charge will be directly applied to the individual refund request. 

Therefore, effective March 1, 2021 our refund policy will be:

•    If a sailor chooses to withdraw from a session, the refund will be 95% if done prior to 2 weeks before the session.

•    If 2 weeks notice is not provided, the refund will only be 75% unless the space can be filled. If filled, a 95% refund can be processed.

Extenuating circumstances (COVID-related, Family Emergency, Medical) will be considered on a case-by-case basis (95% maximum due to system fees). 

Please contact Andrea at