Group of kids in opti boat with instructor.

CANSail 1 & 2

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For ages 8 and up

This program allows new sailors ages 8 and up to learn sailing fundamentals and
water safety in either Optimist dinghies or 420 RADs. 

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Our CANSail 1 & 2 program provides an introduction to sailing starting out with the fundamentals required to sail a dinghy and eventually building upon those with basic skills such as understanding wind direction/speed and learning to manoeuver the boat accordingly.


There are two different boat/class options at this level - the Optimist, or the 420 RAD. 

1/2 Opti 

This course is geared toward fun and learning! We call this class Beginner Opti because we sail Optimist dinghies, also referred to as "Optis". We will teach the basics of rigging an Opti, basic boat handling, sailing fundamentals, seamanship, sportsmanship and water safety. 

Please note, space in this class always fills up quickly. Register early! 

1/2 420 RAD

Our 420 RAD class provides an entry-level class for older and /or more physically mature students interested in learning the basics of sailing, using double-handed RAD 420s. The RAD 420 uses a smaller mainsail and has a bob atop the mast to prevent turtling. Students learn rigging, basic boat handling, seamanship (knots, weather, etc.) and water safety. This course is designed for new sailors to learn at a comfortable pace with expert instruction in a team-oriented environment.  


This program is offered in two-week sessions. Each session runs Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for both weeks. Here are the session dates for 2024:


2024 Session Dates
July 1st to 12th
July 15th to 26th
July 29th to August 9th
August 12th to 23rd 



Cost for Participants

Fees Description
$630 Program fee for each two-week session (includes use of HSC boat)
$30 CANSail participation fee (one-time, per participant, per year)
$50 Annual HSC Junior Membership fee. 

Bringing your own Opti? Deduct $50 per session.