2021 Program Registration Opens March 1st!!

It's that time again! Online Registration for our 2021 summer sailing season will open March 1st!

Of course, there are always unknowns living in our COVID environment, but we are currently working on the assumption that we will be able to operate, similar to last year. Like last year, we will continue to communicate with you and let you know how things are progressing.

Our online registration program, Checklick, implemented a few changes this year. Most significant is a refund charge. Unfortunately, HSC is not in the position to absorb this expense, nor do we feel it should be passed on to the whole with further administrative fees. As such any refund charge will be directly passed on to the individual requesting the refund. Please see our NEW REFUND POLICY for more details.

For the registration link, session dates, fees and more information click on Learn to Sail.